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These resources have been created by New York Coalition for Healthy School Food to help schools educate children about good nutrition.

Wellness Wakeup Call: Empowering Messages for Morning Announcements

Wellness Wakeup Call is our signature nutrition education program which is free and easy to use. It helps schools to fulfill the nutrition Education Goals of the federally mandated local wellness policies. The program is available in K-5 and 6-12 versions, and places no additionazl burden on teachers since it is read over the loudspeaker each day and takes 30 seconds or less. The program is free for schools in New York State and we ask that schools out of state pay $50 per year to use it.

Family and Consumer Sciences Healthy Plant-Based Food Unit

This middle school cooking unit educates students about healthy plant-based eating and teaches how to make healthy entrees, soup, smoothies, and oatmeal! This unit was tested in FACS teacher Pat Fritz’s 7th grade class in the spring of 2011, and was a huge hit. Included in the unit is a Powerpoint presentation for the teacher to learn about the unit, a Powerpoint presentation to present to your students, a curriculum guide, and modifiable documents.


We have designed 3 posters which an anonymous donor is paying to have printed. We will print at least 6000 posters and they will be made available free to schools.

One poster features Super Size Me director and star, Morgan Spurlock and his wife Alex Jamieson. They have also attended our fall benefit and love the work we are doing, and donated half a day to do the photo shoot for us, with their photographer donating his work as well. The poster features green vegetables and the importance of greens.

Another poster, for younger children, features the work of Saxton Freymann, the fruit and vegetable carver who then photographs his work. He has several popular books out. It features fruits and vegetables that look like people and animals playing in a park, and features rhyming verses to teach children about the importance of plant-foods. He and his wife attended our last fall benefit and are very excited about our work.

The final poster features a peace sign made out of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and grains, with each section featuring a different color group on a plate, and says “Peace on Your Plate”, indicating that your plate should be full of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. The photography was donated. Much of the food in the picture was locally grown and donated by Ithaca Farmer’s Market vendors.

Healthy Food for Thought: Good Enough to Eat – 100% of proceeds benefit NYCHSF

What do you get when you put together a team of the best audio chefs? A delicious menu from Healthy Food For Thought: Good Enough To Eat! Our friends have prepared a wholesome feast for your ears – all made with a dash of hope, a spoonful of wit, and a heaping cup of joy. We know you will be delighted with these fun-filled offerings, so enjoy – and come back for more!

This is a melting pot of Grammy winning and children’s award-winning artists who have contributed their time and talent for this funny, charming, whimsical and touching double CD compilation. The menu of styles and expressions cook up a variety of unique recipes. The spoken words are sprinkled with songs that present the importance of healthy eating in a tasty, playful and enjoyable way. To support initiatives regarding nutrition and childhood obesity awareness, all of our profits regarding this project go to the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food.

Music CD by Jay Mankita

We commissioned musician Jay Mankita to write songs for us about healthy eating and then had him perform them in five NYC schools one week as a pilot project. This led to the NYC Department of School Food hiring Jay for an additional 3 weeks to come and perform at 15 additional schools. Years later, this program has been presented at hundreds of schools throughout the Northeast. (NYC Schools can request this program through the NYC Vendor system.) The entire album is available right now as a free download for you and your school population! More information about this fruit and veggie promoting music is at

Teachers Make A Difference Handout

This one page handout is an easy way to promote healthy school food. Just copy and place in the school office mailbox of all teachers in the school. If you have extra energy, deliver copies to all schools in your district for distribution to teachers. The school may let you make copies- just ask!

Nurses Make a Difference Handout

This one page handout is an easy way to promote healthy school food. Just give a copy to your school nurse!

Food Cards and Hands On Learning Activities
(Coming Soon)

We created cards which feature favorite processed foods to show how much sugar, fat and sodium, are in them, as well as the ingredient list. We show these cards with bags of sugar and fat to illustrate the amount in each food item. In addition we have created a number of activities that involve hands on learning.

Articles for School Newsletters
(Coming Soon)

Free articles available for you to use in your district, PTA or other newsletters.


Wellness Wakeup front page

Wellness Wakeup currently reaches 80,000 students and counting.

Healthy Food for Thought: Good Enough to Eat CD COVER

Healthy Food for Thought: Good Enough to Eat - Music CD – 100% of proceeds benefit NYCHSF

Jay Mankita CD Cover

Eat Like A Rainbow Music CD offers fun and educational music with curriculum activities to go with the music

Fruits and Vegetables poster

NYCHSF offers posters for free to public K-12 schools (schools need to pick up or pay S&H)

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